Our dedicated sales team is knowledgeable about all craft beers and ciders can help you get the most sales out of each delicious batch you brew. We can help you with off-premise retailer and on-premise bars and restaurants. We also have a brand ambassador tasting team that studies your products and activates with customers at bars and retail locations to get your beer on the lips of new consumers.

United Craft On-Premise Order Solutions

We also know working with bars & restaurants can be challenging given the number of locations to keep up with and the intricacies at each account. That’s why we’re creating a new B2B marketplace to connect brewers with new on-premise customers.

Key Benefits for Brewers of our B2B Marketplace:

  • Access new customers: We’re adding new bars and restaurants each week that are searching for delicious and local craft beverages. Get your brews in front of new customers.
  • Sweat Free Accounts Receivable: We help you get paid on time to eliminate bad debt. You’ll receive one consolidated payment from us on behalf of all of your customers. No more chasing down over-due accounts or sending sales reps on missions to collect cheques that may or may not be ready to be picked up.
  • Extend your sales force: Let us sell on your behalf! Our growing sales team has decades of experience and we know craft beverages. We’ll hit the streets running to bring new business your way. Focus on your core business, we’ll grow the pie.
  • Go Digital: more and more buyers are shifting their purchasing habits to online. It’s easier and more important than ever. We’ll help get you there quickly, painlessly and at no charge.

Interested? Contact us to learn more and let’s work together to grow your business.