Services For Craft Producers

We help Craft Reach its True Potential

We’ve been providing local producers of beer, cider, spirits and RTD cocktails with sales, distribution and customer service support for 8+ years. Are you a producer or brand owner who is seeking to grow within Ontario? We can help. We are a team of passionate and knowledgeable Ontario Craft Alcohol experts committed to helping small local producers sell and distribute effectively in Ontario.

Craft producers make delicious and award winning products. The quality is unrivaled. But sometimes the stress of running production or the strain of worrying about distribution into retail can distract from the overall picture of growing the business. We get it...we've been there ourselves!

Thriving within Ontario's complicated beverage alcohol distribution system is our specialty. We work with local Ontario producers to develop sales and distribution strategies that help grow your brands. We marry your objectives with the needs of the consumer and each retail channel to find opportunities that create mutual growth for everyone. And we take care of all the logistics and administrative management so there is no stress on your end. 

We work hand in hand with our retail partners across Ontario both at Head Office and in-store to help source and sell great craft products and ensure alignment in the proper execution and representation of your brands. We love to tell stories, share interesting product facts, conduct in-store and consumer tastings, and add our passion into the mix to create energy and support for your products. 

Our key retail partners include the LCBO, The Beer Store, Canada's National and Independent Grocers, as well as Licensed Convenience stores and select Licensees like restaurants and bars. 

Our Sales team seamlessly integrates your product and inventory with a Retailer’s Head Office Plan, store level ordering and inventory planning, and Licensed Logistics Companies route plans and delivery day cutoffs to ensure the smooth distribution of your product so that you never miss a sale. We are capable of managing all of the ordering and administration that comes with it. We crave data: we have purchased store level LCBO data since we started which gives us a great handle on what is selling and where. Our analytics and insights help us find new opportunities for your brands and inform innovation, marketing and promotional campaigns so we can all be as effective as possible. 

Our philosophy is "Right Product. Right Store. Right Time." We're focused on finding the right market and connection point between shoppers and each brand. While consumer interest in craft products has been growing leaps and bounds there are many barriers that smaller companies face that inhibit their growth. We use our knowledge of craft alcohol, our work ethic and most importantly our passion to "making your day" to break down those barriers and ensure a smooth launch, fulfillment and execution of made in Ontario products. We're family run and we seek to help other family run local producers reach their full potential. 

If you're interested in learning more or want us to Make Your Day give us a call!